We have always looked to source directly from Africa and have been lucky to find some great artists and designers, who give their own individuality and flair through their craft. We also aim to support local and community craftsmen. Below are the men and women we currently have working alongside us. If you see something you really like and we don’t have it listed in your size, we would be able to have it made for you, please bear in mind this may take time.


Abdoulie Camara

Lie is a self-taught,highly skilled jewelery craftsman from the Gambia. We have given Lie some jewelery making tools to help make his workload easier, so he can expand his business. His work helps to support a Rastafarian community so they can become more self sufficient. He has a juice hut on Sunswimming beach, Kololi, where he holds drumming lessons for a small fee. He is a natural teacher and happily shares his skills with others, There is no better place to spend a day in Kololi. He would love to meet you. Please see his work below and help us to help him. One Love


Rosalie Colley

Rose knits and crochet’s all sorts of items and has learnt her skills from her mother. She works for herself and is very versatile. She can put her hand to anything.