Africa & Ethiopia

Africa camouflage jacket

Stand up for Africa with this khaki/camouflage jacket


Africa football top

Great for football or on the beach


Africa sticker

Great to use on the car, fridge, guitar, books....


Childrens Africa Shirt - style 2

Handmade in The Gambia


Childrens wool halter bikini top

Cute rasta handmade top


Childs hand crocheted Rasta bikini top

Beautiful top ethically sourced from Africa


Ethiopia patch

Iron or stitch on!


Ethiopian Coptic Cross necklace - Style 2

Individual and beautiful


Ghana mini hanging boxing gloves

Great for your car, van ...


Haile Selassie belt

Emperor Haile Selassie


Haile Selassie Sunset Rasta belt

Unusual Haile Selassie rasta belt in vibrant red gold and green


Hand crocheted Rasta shorts

Great for festies or the beach