Rasta Trojan tshirt

Classic Trojan tshirt in rasta colours, good range of sizes up to XXXL


Lion of Judah Rasta beaded necklace

Unusual Lion of Judah handmade rasta necklace


Rasta chevron patches

Great addition to a jacket arm!


Rasta rope friendship bracelet

Go on - treat a friend and share the love !!

from £1.50

Pair red gold and green tapered candles

Hand made candles in Rasta colours


Rasta laces

Ras up your footwear

from £1.50

African hand made bags

Bright and unusual


Rasta dainty ankle bracelet

Attractive addition to your summer wear !!


Trojan Jamaica flag patch

Great to iron onto your clothing


Laced Rasta red gold and green sandal / shoe

Beautiful Rasta sandals


Protect I Jah patch

May Jah protect you in everything you do

from £3.00

Rasta dainty dreamcatcher earrings

Dainty dreamcatcher rasta earrings