"Legalize It !" handmade badge

Legalize it .... don't criticize it !


Black glass bead rope-work bracelet

Unusual and stylish bracelet in subtle rasta colours


Bob Marley flip flop earrings

Fantastic, fun good quality earrings


Bob Marley friendship bracelet

Lovely friendship bracelet


Bob Marley Large Tam threadwork earrings

Detailed threadwork earrings showing Bob Marley. One Love


Bob Marley Legend flip flop earrings

Feel at balance with ying/yang and Bob


Bob Marley Legend threadwork earrings

Ethically sourced hand crafted Peruvian earrings


Bob Marley Natty dread threadwork earrings

Retro Bob Marley/Rasta detailed threadwork


Bob Marley Soul Rebel threadwork earrings

Bob Marley Soul Rebel stylish earrings


Bob Marley studded bracelet

Big and Bold


Bob Marley teardrop threadwork earrings

Striking threadwork Bob Marley earings


Bob Marley teardrop wood necklaces

Clear designs and variable length